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Towns in the world of LEGO have everything cities in the real world do — police stations,fire engines,trains,hairdressers and veterinarians.Check out all the beautiful buildings and vehicles we've featured here on The yabo娱乐Brothers Brick.

Why not close the window at night?

If you happen to come across the obscure Flickr photostream ofwhy.not?,you will likely be asking yourself the question "why?" more often than "why not?" The builder seems to specialize in very obviously giving her builds a message,but more often than not,the message is hard to pin down.Her latest creation is a nighttime scene of a room with an open window.This scene captures the ambiance of fresh night air so well that I can almost feel the cool breeze.It is actually so beautifully mundane that I can not help but relax and go to sleep now… Wait,nope,there are some chains on the floor and I have no idea what they are there for.No sleep tonight.


The build itself seems quite simple,with a cute city skyline in forced perspective as the background,using different shades of yellow as windows with a bit of variation,making for quite a realistic effect.I also really like the moon,built with a round tile and a white rubber band around it that gives a glowing effect.The room has a few interesting details as well,especially the little marbles on the table,which seem to be made of eitherleversorantennas.The handles on the windows and the door are a great idea too,using pearl gold minifig arms to achieve a very classy look.

This custom modular building is bananas!

Modular buildings,whether they'resets或自定义的作品,are very popular in the LEGO fan community.They can be admired as standalone creations or as parts of larger town layouts,but there is something in every modular for every LEGO fan.Kofisays this is his first modular,but he does not seem to have struggled at all.

cc house main

The first key feature to note is that while the two adjacent houses are quite dissimilar,they feel like they fit together perfectly.A modular building is not a true modular building without clever repeated part use for architectural detail.Kofi uses clips and wedge plates for these purposes,but the real star of the show is the houses' "accessories",namely the drains,built using everything frommedium dark flesh bread不同种类的作品lightsaber hilts.Look closely and you may even spot abanana.

Paris is always a good idea,especially in LEGO bricks

First time travelers to Paris cannot be blamed for spending the majority of their visit strolling the bistro-lined Champs Elysees or marveling at the wonders of the Eiffel Tower and Louvre.While these sites are staples in Parisian tourism,some of the city's most beautiful spots can be found up the hill in Montmartre.This village within a city is best known for its rich history,bohemian vibe,and engaging nightlife.Legendary artists such as Renoir,Monet,and Picasso once resided here.Focusing on more recent times,Toltomejahas recreated the steep hills and iconic Parisian architecture in this LEGO diorama of a typical Montmartre scene.It's a colorful and charming build,seemingly brought to life with plenty of little details (the clock is a personal favorite).This scene is sure to stir the heart of anyone who's ever visited.


Tiny homes for tiny LEGO people

This vintage 1970 Chevrolet C10 and accompanying mobile tiny home byThomas Gionmay just be the cutest LEGO model I've seen on eight wheels in a very long time.To begin with,the sand green and white color scheme both fit the era perfectly and look fantastic,making the tri-tone truck completely believable.Then,the shake-siding on the tiny home,made of 1×1 and 1×2 cheese slopes,brings a homegrown vibe to the trailer.

Tiny House & 1970 Chevrolet C10

But best yet,much like a real tiny home,the trailer packs a lot more on the interior than you would expect.Thomas has utilized every stud of space,packing it with a left bed,bathroom,kitchen,and foldaway dining set.The only problem I see is that there's no place to store the ever-growing LEGO collection!

Tiny House (Interior)

For many around the world,the New Year is just beginning...

With the Chinese New Year less than a week away,we're seeing a number of creations inaugurating the Year of the Pig and a new calendar for over 20 percent of the planet.Joseph Zamaraprovided a detail-filled scene of how the Lunar New Year is likely to be enjoyed next month in San Francisco,California.Held since the 1860s to celebrate Chinese culture in the United States,this parade draws in hundreds of thousands of visitors each year and is the largest Lunar New Year event outside of Asia.The builder recreated a lively portion of the parade in front of the Dragon Gate in San Francisco's Chinatown.The scene features a ton of popular references to the Lunar New Year,such as dancing dragons and children carrying red envelops containing gifts of money (hóngbāo).There's even a C-pop float to round off the sensory experience.

Chinese Lunar New Year - San Fransisco Dragon Gate

As a quick note,Joseph states he recently worked with LEGO China's Integration and Engagement team and fifteen other builders to highlight the Lunar New Year in LEGO form (including theNian beastwe recently featured).We're hoping to see many more creations in the days ahead.We wish our readers great happiness and prosperity for the year ahead!

"Let your light shine" with UC's Koenig Alumni Center

Do you call the University of Colorado Boulder (UC) your alma mater?If so,you might recognize this LEGO version of the Koenig Alumni Center,built byImagine Rigneyas a permanent display at the center.The Alumni Center hosts events like graduation ceremonies,weddings,retreats,and memorial services.Imagine Rigney did extensive research,using original photographs and blueprints to guide his build.The finished product looks both lively and colorful,packed full of fun details for CU alumni to enjoy.

Koenig Alumni Center - CU Boulder: A LEGO Build

See more details of this LEGO model of the Koenig Alumni Center

Business is budding at Bricks & Blooms

Sometimes I wish I could water my LEGO collection,give it some sunlight,and watch it grow.After harvesting the bricks,I would build this beautiful garden centre designed and rendered byBricked1980.It fits right in with the LEGO Group's existing series of modular buildings.The builder has made excellent use of color,with vibrant green vines and shrubbery set against the architecture's earth tones and white trim.I particularly like the sunflower hanging above the entrance,as well as the use of lime greenminifigure afro hairfor topiary bushes

Click to see more details about Bricks & Blooms

Rob Winner builds a winner of an engine shed

I'm a sucker for history and trains,andRob Winnerdelivers on both counts with this slice of the Illinois Midland Railway in LEGO-form.According to the builder,the real line was only 1.9 miles long.This was in large part because of a crooked businessman making big promises and running off with the community of Newark's money.Regardless,the little town made use of the railway to connect with nearby Millington.Rob's model is meant to represent the railway during the 1940s,back when World War I veteran William Thorsen was running the show.Thorsen is depicted with the vehicles he operated,including a Vulcan 0-4-0T steam engine and Ford Model T railway inspection car.

Illinois Midland Railway 1

The engine shed plays its part well,looking weathered and forgotten.Rob pulled this off by adding vines and slightly tilting brown plates outward to simulate loosened wooden boards.It's a stark contrast to Thorsen standing among railway equipment that looks well taken care of.Then again,he is their devoted caretaker!This juxtaposition is inspiring,symbolizing the fight to persevere against all odds.

You're only one swim away from a good mood

When was the last time you saw a LEGO swimming pool?It looks like LEGO fans preferseaandocean beachesto enjoying swimming activities without leaving the city.However,this wonderful copy of the Taikoo Pool bymamax711makes me want to get my flip flops and pretend it's summer…

Taikoo Pool,Hong Kong (1950s)

Despite looking very simple,this creation can boast a bunch of very interesting building and color solutions.Bonus points are totally for the name of the pool made of red bricks,where LEGO minifigure chairs are skilfully used in the letters P and O!

It's a long road ahead

Route 66 is the mother of all highways in the USA,cutting across the nation from coast to coast through small towns and scenic vistas.Though it's since been eclipsed by the interstate highway system,it's captured a special place in history for making the trans-American highway a reality.LEGO builderhachiroku24brings us back to Route 66's glory days with an awesome rendition of the highway marker sign,part mosaic and part sculpture.The excellent use of the4×4 quarter-circle macaroni tileslends both the numbers and shield outline just the perfect curves.

Lego Route 66 traffic sign

This eco house brings the great outdoors indoors

The LEGO Group has committed itself tomaking LEGO plant elements out of plants.Thanks toSarah Beyer,there is now a LEGO house to compliment them.Sarah's eco house,named Lilium after the lily flower,has been designed with self-sustainability in mind.Electricity is supplied by roof-mounted solar panels,while large windows on the south and west walls capture warm rays of sunshine.The house looks fresh and modern,enhanced by the surrounding colorful landscaping.

Lilium Eco House MOC southern side garden

Sarah's house has been constructed so LEGO minifigures can immerse themselves in the outdoors.The second-floor porch and vine-laced patio offer an excellent view of the garden.Click to see more,including the interior

A sunny wedding by the sea

This gorgeous piece of Mediterranean architecture is brought to us by Italian builderGabriele Rava.The church's asymmetry works beautifully to highlight the bell tower,and the building is loaded with great details,from the mixture of white and tan for the peeling surfaces to the wonderfully simple dark orange textured roof over the nave.The small chapel sits atop a tall quay with a spacious courtyard,which is currently hosting a wedding attended by a wide variety of personages,up to and including Dumbledore officiating.