Twice the spacey fun

2017年乐高发布时,我立刻想到了两个想法75176阻力运输吊舱,and guess what–builder脉管已经去实现了。汽车设计师星球大战宇宙总是拥抱不对称形式的潜力,运输舱就是一个很好的例子。然而,我的大脑中有一个很小的部分想要解决问题,用第二个吊舱平衡航天飞机。想象它看起来像双体云车–等等,你不必这么做,因为维诺是为我们建造的。



When it comes to building grimy-looking industrial salvage spaceships inspired by Weiland-Yutani,外星特许经营公司,I can think of nothing better than to re-use elements from previous spaceship models.常用生成器香农·斯普鲁尔完美地展示了这种打捞技术,along with some post-production effects,创造出一艘工作船,它已经清楚地看到了许多行动。One of my favorite details is the use of similar circular elements and tiles along the side.各方大斜坡和管道伸出,很少有位置合适的鞋钉能完成这一造型。

Commercial salvage vessel USS Imprimata

什么比酷更酷?This spaceship.



有棱角的脸和向下扫过的翅膀表明鲍勃是一个宇宙飞船制造大师。Fun highlights are the feathered sections of the wings in front of the air intakes and the opening pods on either side of the tail fin,它可以将探测器部署到地球表面进行额外的侦察。尼克斯骑士给建筑商的最大礼物,也许是在Trans Neon Orange中引入了许多新元素,especially the angular天蓬used so effectively here.But that is not all that Bob has used well;不要错过杜普洛雷达在驾驶舱和生物钟下面装甲在它后面。现在这是一个凉爽的冰冷的宇宙飞船。


又一道宽光,this time called Refraction R/99,has taken off from the mind of尼克·托洛塔.After following his amazing LEGO creations for a while,you may pick up on the seamless transitions between each section of his ships.In that regard,he holds true to his craft.尽管在其他地方,他再展开一点翅膀。On the one hand,他建立了飞翼,另一方面,他开始玩一些黄金元素。Both are styles which he hasn't explored before.


His shaping creates a strength of form built off a shallow frame,让飞行员的侧翼有一对令人印象深刻的翅膀。没有机身意味着将他所有不可思议的细节压缩到翼展上。The medium blue throughout the engine housing,除了那些深烤架外,带出几乎骨骼深蓝色的翅膀和中间部分。就像托洛塔的许多建筑一样,精心挑选的颜色特别受一些明亮的水花的赞美,这次是亮黄色,橙色,反霓虹绿和他的新加入:鼓漆金。


He has used his gold sparingly even though its spread throughout his ship,最有效的是作为一个住房,一些罚款格力在驾驶舱两侧。这种格力布林,尽管被压扁了,里面有一些很棒的零件,从两个沉船扩音器,红色溜冰鞋,我个人最喜欢的是,黑人paint roller handle.Yet the clean repetition of the black格栅护板,作为两个发动机上的冷却通风口安装,似乎把这艘漂亮的船绑住了。


在《星球大战》成为乐高主题之前,乐高就成了《星球大战》的粉丝,马克·陈在过去的40年里,他一直在努力创造一个完美的乐高模型的X翼战斗机。We at The yabo娱乐Brothers Brick think he's done a pretty good job,so we caught up with Mark to get the story of his journey.




“黑色单位拥有数字精华吗?Is the pink fluid some sort of coolant?它们聚集在一起需要分开吗?蜘蛛会吸收冷却液并保持管道清洁吗?在这座停滞寺工作是否被认为是一种巨大的荣誉?”这是建设者提出的众多问题香农·斯普鲁尔问但没有答案。然而,this does reflect a freeing way of stream of consciousness in building by experimenting with neat colors and textures without regard for their purpose.

Stasis Temple

他告诉我们,"If I was the other Shannon (Young),你会得到一个写得很漂亮的背景故事,但既然是我,你只会放几个屁,然后向伪宗教技术挥手,“没关系,香农。如果我是其他兄弟的贡献者,yabo娱乐我会想出一个更高的头衔。幸好我们都是朋友。


有很多种方法可以用简陋的砖建造弯曲的形状——有些比其他的更富有想象力。Take a close look迪迪尔·伯丁的星际巡洋舰,你会发现一个独特的。内部扩展底座有一个漂亮的弯曲形状,formed from two32 x 16蓝色底板处于紧张状态。Despite the obvious frustration this must have caused Didier during the building phase,it was clearly worth it,给他的创作一个意想不到的和个性化的外观。

Interplanetary Cruiser

Viewed from the rear,not only do you see the lovely thrusters that you'd expect on a spaceship this size,但也进一步证明了建筑商的技能。一系列可见的铰链板清楚地显示了模型的结构如何吸收弯曲板产生的应力。

Interplanetary Cruiser


对于我们所称的“经典空间”,某个年龄的成年建设者在我们心中占有特殊的地位。随着历史书籍中新出现的阿波罗任务和星际迷航,Buck Rogers,星球大战抓住了我们的想象力,乐高在1973年至1987年间以其空间主题而走红。对很多人来说,they were likely among our first LEGO sets and the fond nostalgia for the theme remain with us forever.吉多·布兰迪斯captures this feeling nicely with his LL-942 Star Fire II.“经典空间”的外观有一定的规则;blue and light gray are used in nearly equal measure while trans-yellow is for windscreens.红色,非常谨慎地使用,is usually reserved only for rover rims but is utilized here as the pilot's uniform.在70年代和80年代,现代元素对我们来说是不可用的,它在新旧之间创造了完美的协同作用。即使它的“ll”名称也代表“legoland”,并在原始集合中使用。这肯定会让我回来的!


Awesome minifig-scale Bubble Ship from Oblivion

不管你怎么看2013年的科幻电影遗忘,由汤姆·克鲁斯主演,you can admit it featured some sweet tech.从电动摩托车上,向那些巨大的水蹄,to that giant upside-down pyramid,这部电影的视觉效果令人惊叹。最具标志性的交通工具之一是超机动轻型飞机,它很快被昵称为泡沫船。这个令人惊叹的模型风险管理师captures the stark,电影中精致的视觉美感,包括旋转起落架。我喜欢光滑的发动机吊舱和巧妙地使用新的陀螺球and孵化从侏罗纪世界主题驾驶舱。

Oblivion Bubble Ship


Oblivion Bubble Ship

This is not the first version of the泡沫船-甚至是第二——这部电影自2013年上映以来,多年来一直在TBB上播出。

A spaceship built for two

在这个宇宙中,有什么比乘坐两座新古典太空船去遥远的世界旅行更浪漫的事吗?澳大利亚乐高迷艾多K让这对可爱的太空探险家的梦想成真。就像许多其他伟大的乐高模型一样,宇宙飞船的设计从一个整体开始,在这种情况下,笨重的Spinjitzu转子.船体和机翼上的外部元素数量看起来非常完美;大型发动机,a couple of pipes and small grills create a totally swooshable model.

Blue Artamus


本尼不仅会兴奋,而且会欣喜若狂和疯狂的升级Classic Space 928 Galaxy Explorer.建设者ALEC孔did such a great job and so jaw-dropping of an upgrade that it almost looks like it could have come out of a scene in a sci-fi movie.The detailing and greebling in key spots paired with minimal stud exposure give it a very sleek look.以一米的长度测量,这是一艘可爱的宇宙飞船,我希望我收藏了它。



《星球大战》系列电影的每一期都带来了大量的新宇宙飞船和其他运载工具,它们继续激励着世界各地的乐高积木制造商。In addition to the movies,六个季节的Star Wars: The Clone Wars动画系列也介绍了更多。One of the more distinctive fighters to emerge was the v-19 Torrent.这个乐高创造者托马斯·詹金斯shows off some of the features of this highly maneuverable 1 man fighter.

V-19 Torrent-flight

灵感来自F4U Corsair,V-19激流设计用于垂直着陆和起飞,折叠的翅膀使更多的战斗机可以安装在银河共和国克隆人战争期间使用的金星级驱逐舰的悬挂器中。Thomas has very skillfully recreated the clean angles using a number of angled slopes and Technic lift arms.