Theres a new sheriff in town,and he means business

This wild west scene bycaptainsmogshows the transfer of a notorious prisoner to federal custody under the watchful eye of the local Sheriff.This is one bandit who won't be rescued by his posse,hooking up a rope or chain to the side window and yanking the wall right off the jail.His only hope will be an ambush in Rattlesnake Gorge… if his henchmen can rustle up some dynamite,that is.监狱教练,while simple in construction,clearly looks sturdy enough to hold any bandit,and the use of log bricks is the perfect choice for the front office of this classic building.


It's always nice to see a clever use of those parts that are somewhat specialized,and that many builders have in large supply.If you have ever purchased a collectible mini-figure,or 2,then you probably have a some of those3×4 plates with studs down the middle.Used here to build a simple slat roof.The builder also created an undertaker's office which features siding made from angled tiles.到目前为止,我最喜欢的细节是用迷你无花果假发和一只手做头做成的神奇秃鹫。There is something strangely spooky about carrion birds made from body parts…

Undertaker's office