HELP!The yabo娱乐Brothers Brick needs a new cover photo

I knew hiring primates as interns would come back to bite us – literally.After following a bizarre trail of blue droppings through the yabo娱乐Brothers Brick compound this morning,I discovered the Lemur had gone and eaten our Facebook cover photo!I checked our other websites too,and they're all gone.At least he got a tummy ache,so hopefully this will be a learning experience for the pesky little fellow.

So this seems like a great time to revive theTBB Cover Photo Contest.We're asking you,dear readers,to submit photos of your original LEGO creations to be featured across all yabo娱乐Brothers Brick social media.At the start of each month we will pick one new image to use across ourFacebook,Twitter,Flickr,Google+andYouTube页面。

To enter,simply add your submissions to the TBB Cover PhotoFlickr pool. But before you all go completely crazy,let's review some guidelines.Delousing and grooming the Lemur takes a big chunk out of our day,so anything you can do to save us time is greatly appreciated:

Please don't use the cover photo pool as a vehicle to getting your creations blogged.We monitor Flickr's LEGO poolcontinuously,so that's the best way to get our attention …without incurring our wrath.
请考虑是什么让一个好的封面图片,and don't post ones you know we'd never use.Cover photos need to be roughly 3 times wider than they are tall.So landscape images make the best candidates.Don't worry,we'll scale and crop them as needed to isolate to the best portion of the image.
The photo has to be able to work as a background.Please do not submit vertical images,pictures of small objects on large blank or non-LEGO backgrounds,or pictures containing text or watermarks.To help us focus on the right candidates,we will be removing submissions that don't meet these guidelines.

By submitting your image to the pool,you are granting us permission to re-upload and edit it if the image is selected as a cover photo.And you have ourpermission to brag about it to your friends and family for the entire month!

We'll 亚搏娱乐电子官网reveal the winning submissions here every month,so you'll know if your image got picked.Or better still why not justLike,FolloworSubscribeto us on social media?That way you won't miss a thing …ever ;-)